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The Somali Australian Council of Victoria – SACOV advocates in resilience for the wellbeing of Somali Community in Victoria.



Our Vision

SACOV advocates in resilience for the wellbeing of Somali Community in Victoria.


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our mission

The Somali Australian Council advocates for the Somalis need in government and non-government agencies that provide social service in Victoria and setting up the resources and information they require.

Creating conducive environment for people to be able to communicate and address their needs and set up a service to provide referral, advice and advocacy in building thriving and achieving community.

President's Message

Good evening ladies and Gentlemen and a warm welcome to the 2020 SACOV AGM.
I would like to thank you all for your attendance as your presence is very much appreciated.

It is my fourth year as a president and SACOV is growing and is still in strong.
First of all, I would like to thank my committee for their commitment to supporting the community throughout the year.

2019-2020 was a very challenging year, specially the first half of 2020. We are all aware the COVID-19 outbreak and it is affected in Australia and our community.

This year we suspended all the activities because of the COVID-19. Our staff and the volunteers were all busy helping the community.

We helped Centrelink issue, spreading the message of COVID-19 safety and food distribution.

The good news is most of the existing Committee nominating to continue to serve our organisation, with our great Secretary leading the group.

SACOV has a large pool of volunteers who always support its programs. Volunteers generously give their time to make the organisations events and programs run smoothly.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the Federal Government of Australia, State Government of Victoria, Victoria Multicultural Commission, Banyule City Council and Darebin City Council for their financial grants.

In conclusion it has once again been my pleasure

Our Core Values







Acting as an umbrella body for Somali organisations in Victoria and supporting the activities of member organisations, youth, women and applying for funds for them

youth services

Providing homework club for primary and secondary school students of Somali descent whose parents do not have the means of hiring a private tutor and need extra assistance in Science, Maths and English on one-on-one tutor basis to reach basic literacy and numeracy benchmarks required for their level of education.

employment support

Lobbying to find work experience placement and suitable jobs for young Somalis with tertiary qualifications from Australian educational institutions.

cRIMe prevention, and community safety

crises respond

domestic violence supports

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